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Color Trends Part 3

21 Feb

Happy Tuesday! Are you ready for some more Pantone colors? The next 3 colors I am showing you are Ultramarine Green, Bright Chartreuse, and Olympian Blue. Ultramarine Green is a deep cooling blue-green that can be paired with the brighter colors to add a calming touch. Bright Chartreuse is a great yellow-green hue that will liven up any space. Olympian Blue is a strong classic color. These 3 colors are great used together or along with the other fall colors to create a great modern color palette. Here is some great inspiration for using these new color trends in your home.

These spaces use Ultramarine Green as a great accent to their space.

via Atlanta Home Magazine

This formal living space uses Ultramarine Green as a great accent. The floor to ceiling bookshelves have such amazing woodwork going on. I love the use of color to make this room feel relaxing and warm.

via Houzz

How great is this headboard? It adds a great focal point and a lot of interest. I love the creativity of using a room divider as a headboard. It is an easy alternative for your space. The bright chartreuse accents add just the right pop of color.

These next spaces use Bright Chartreuse in a sophisticated way.

via Coco Cozy

How’s this for a punch of color? The chartreuse upholstered dining chairs are such a modern touch and add a lot of contrast against the brown walls and neutral area rug. The drapery also in the Bright Chartreuse tie this elegant dining room together.

via Therapy by Charlotte

How amazing is this traditional domed chair?? This chair style originated in the 18th century, but the white woodwork and Bright Chartreuse fabric add such a modern twist. Pairing this color with the grey wallpaper and fabulous white mirror balance traditional and modern design perfectly.

via Design Sponge

How fantastic is this color combination? The Bright Chartreuse wall against the Pink Flambe couch is so bold. This space really works. The shape of the mirror is fabulous. I think this is such a stand out statement and a great modern color combination don’t you?

These last spaces use Olympian Blue in both modern and classic ways.

via Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects

This apartment is amazing! The Olympic Blue walls, artwork, and other accents are absolutely flawless. This apartment located in Miami really uses the ocean as great inspiration. This space is so modern and inviting. Head over to IKB Architects for more pictures. I would take a vacation in this space any day. Would you?

via Decorati

This bedroom uses Olympic Blue in a very classic way. The accent of blue in the the fabulous fabrics, lamps, and small table create a relaxing and balanced space. This bedroom feels so fresh and clean with the use of white against shades of blue and turquoise.

Did you enjoy today’s colors? I have 3 last colors to show you tomorrow. Have a good day!

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