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Guest Post: A SEVERE CASE OF THE BLUES: Decorating a room around royal blue

16 May

I am heading home to Southern California today for the weekend so I have a great guest post for you today courtesy of Ariel at MyCustomRug.com. Enjoy!
Royal blue was hot on the fashion runways for the 2013 spring season.   So it is no surprise you are seeing this beautiful bold color crossover into the interior design world.  Its strong personality goes a long way, but using this strength in your home decor can really make an energetic statement.
Here are three tips for using royal blue in your space:

1.    Mix and match to break up the color

If you’re using royal blue on the walls, aim for light toned accessories and room décor to break up this strong color.  Patterns are a wonderful way to offset the lively presence of royal blue.  Patterned accessories such as tapestries, pillows, and throws can all help create a balance while also creating a striking room.

Hint of Royal Blue

2.    Lighting is critical to using this color correctly

Royal blue has a tendency to absorb light, so you want a room with a natural light presence to prevent the room from looking too dark.  If you are using the color on your walls, try hanging sheer ivory curtains to allow natural light to shine through.  To maintain a light and airy look, use royal blue as an accent color in a room filled with natural colors.

House Beautiful Royal Blue Dining Room

3.    When in doubt try creating a mood board

A mood board (also known as an inspiration board) is a collage that consists of paint samples, magazine cutouts, fabric swatches and anything else that might catch your eye.  Center your mood board around royal blue and see how it begins to come together with different pieces.  You will be surprised at the color and pattern combinations that emerge.

Royal Blue Accesories

Royal Blue Dining Table

This article was written by Ariel Dagan of MyCustomRug.com. Ariel is a design enthusiast who builds custom rugs for homes and small business.  See his blog for interior design principles and the different tools and ‘ingredients’ that are used to create rugs of all types.

French Cafe Chairs

29 Apr

Good morning! I hope you all had a great weekend! I love French Cafe chairs. I think they are perfect for a dining space that you want to feel casual yet sophisticated. Cafe chairs are perfect for a home by the beach, in the country, or your city home that you want to have the feeling you are in one of those two places. I have been noticing French cafe chairs popping up in design lately and really love them. Take a look.

French Cafe chairs in their natural element:



Here they are in interiors:



blue chairs


cafe chairs




french cafe chairs


bar stools


I love all the different colors and designs French Cafe chairs come in. They add the perfect pop of color or pattern to the dining spaces. To find authentic French Cafe chairs for your home check out TK Collections.

What do you think of French Cafe chairs? Would you incorporate them in your home?


Eat In Kitchens

15 Feb

Happy Friday! I love a good eat in kitchen. Having a little nook or area to dine in around a family table is so important. I feel like no kitchen is truly complete without an eat in space. Here are some of my favorites.



This is such a chic little table space. I love the cozy feeling and the beautiful chandelier.



This black and white seating area is sophisticated and simple. It’s the perfect space to enjoy a good meal.

eat in


This is a beautiful open kitchen. The classic feeling in this space makes it welcoming for friends and family to gather.



How fun are these benches? I love all the details in this space. The lantern, beautiful fabrics, and cabinetry all flow together nicely.



This a cute eating space. I love that even in this small kitchen there is still space for a small eating area.

Do you all love eat in kitchens as well?

I hope you all have a great weekend!!


Home Tour: Feminine Glam Home

29 Jan

I ran across this super glam home while perusing Style at Home and knew I had to show you! This feminine glam home belongs to Christine Dovey of the blog Bijou and Boheme. 3 years ago she sold all of her furniture and decided to start fresh. This gave Christine an opportunity to indulge her super- feminine, glamorous side, including plenty of gold, pink and animal prints. I know you will all love her beautiful home. Take a look!














I mean seriously could this house be any more beautiful?? The details are amazing. I love the soft tones used throughout the home. Every detail in this home flows and creates the perfect feminine space. Christine’s choice of fabrics and mixed metals are gorgeous. What do you think of this home?


Chic Office Essentials: Whimsical Modern

24 Jan

Today I am so excited to have Adria from the fashion blog The Emerald Closet back again to give you some great ideas for your office. Enjoy!

Your workspace should be a comfortable place for you to stay focused and be productive. After all, you spend much of your time in the office, so why not adorn it with things that make you feel at home?

It can be difficult to know how to decorate your office: what style to go with, how far you should take it, whether it will fit with the feel of the rest of the office, etc.

Weighing all these factors, I personally believe you can’t go wrong with a casually modern and whimsical atmosphere. The key to establishing this chic environment is to find a balance of vintage character and modern design that work together to create a minimalistic style with nostalgic flair.

Here are some essentials for achieving this ambiance.


1. Modern Wall Clock

Brighten up neutral walls with a fun, interactive clock that is reminiscent of the ‘60s. This particular one from Etsy allows you to place the dots in any color and spacing arrangement to add your own customization. The up-cycled vintage wallpaper materials that make up the stickers add a textured, unique quality to reflect your trendy side.

2. Retro Whimsical Table Lamp

Match the vintage look of your clock with a 1950s-inspired lamp to brighten your office. With a contemporary twist, this particular lamp from Staples office supplies has a chrome base and chrome bulbs for the ultimate chic effect.

3. Graphic Laptop Sleeve

Take your chic office aesthetic on the go! The minimalistic black and white hexagon pattern of this laptop sleeve will seamlessly blend in with your other accessories both in and out of the office. A bit too mod for you? Check out Staples’ other laptop accessories.

4. Whimsical Bookend Set

Owls are super trendy right now, so add your own mature take on the cute wisdom symbols with these elegant porcelain bookends. Their subtlety will add sophistication to your bookshelf and help tie the room together. Each one of these by Jonathan Adler is handmade, which adds even more uniqueness to your space. Not a fan of the age-old owl? Try another whimsical creature, like deer or skunks a la Bambi.

5. Texturized Office Chair

The retro design of this chair has been modernized for comfort and simplicity. The chair’s design is a chic alternative to a dull, traditional office chair, and its muted color options give it a distinguished and luxurious appeal. The key is texture, so choose a fabric that has some dimension to add depth to your space.

6. Unique Markers

Outfit your space with writing utensils that will double as conversation starters! These specialty markers by Staples do not require sharpeners, as you can peel away the paper from the tip when necessary. They can mark on almost any kind of surface—and can be easily wiped off of any surface. Bring creativity to your workspace with these bright and vivid colors.

7. Custom Stationery

Don’t settle for generic stationery; apply a personal touch to your notepad with your initials incorporated into an abstract design. Every time you jot down thoughts, make to-do lists or write notes, you’ll be treated to this attractive personal element. Get matching cards and a journal to complete the set.

Adria Saracino is a marketer and blogger. When not obsessing over interior design and pinning non-stop, you can find her writing about style on her personal fashion blog.

Home Tour: Stacy London

15 Nov

When I ran across photos of TV-host and stylist Stacy London’s Brooklyn home I knew I had to share. I love the quirky feminine touches. I was surprised at the style it wasn’t what I expected, but I love it! Take a look!


Stacy’s personality oozes from this space. What do you think of her home? Visit the Coveteur to see many more photos.

Glamorous Room Inspiration

23 Aug

I ran across a fab Chanel print recently and decided to design a glamorous space around it. It’s a classic print that will add a perfect pop of color to any room.

1. Sofa | Throw Pillows

2. Clear Coffee Table | Brass Dish | Vases | Bone Boxes

3. Fashion Illustration Book | Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs Book

4. Mirrored Side Table | Hexagon Brass Lamps

5. Ottoman | Area Rug

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