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Pantone Spring 2014 Color Trends Part 2

3 Oct

Good morning! Today I am continuing to show you the new Pantone colors for Spring 2014. I shared the first 5 yesterday and will share the remaining 5 today. The colors we will focus on today are the brighter shades: Freesia, Cayenne, Celosia Orange, Radiant Orchid, and Dazzling Blue. These brighter colors can easily get balanced out by those softer shades I showed you yesterday.

Freesia Swatch





cayenne swatch




celosia orange swatch

celosia orangevia

celosia orange2


Radiant Orchid swatch

radiant orchid


radiant orchid2


dazzling blue swatch

dazzling blue


dazzling blue2

What do you think of these brighter hues? I love them! I think they are modern and great accents in interiors. Dazzling Blue was chosen as the top color for Spring 2014 and I can see why! It is gorgeous!



Pantone Spring 2014 Color Trends

2 Oct

Good morning! Recently Pantone released their new colors for Spring 2014. There are 10 new colors (although some look pretty similar to last year). This year’s colors are full of soft pastels and vivid brights. For more than 20 years, Pantone, the global authority on color, has surveyed the designers of New York Fashion Week and beyond to bring you the season’s most important color trends. This report previews the most prominent hues for spring 2014. Fashion color trends always influence interior design so I thought I would share with you the first 5 colors and how they translate into interiors. I will show you more colors tomorrow.

pantone colors 2014

This is the full color report. Today I will be showing you Placid Blue, Violet Tulip, Hemlock, Paloma, and Sand.

placid blue swatch

placid bluevia

placid blue2


violet tulip swatch

violet tulip


violet tulip2


hemlock swatch





paloma swatch





sand swatch




What do you think of the first 5 colors? Out of these I think Hemlock would be my favorite. It is a beautiful soft green.

See you back here tomorrow for more Pantone colors!


Decorating with Pantone’s Color of the Year 2013

7 Dec

I am so excited that Pantone just released their color of the year for 2013 and it is Emerald! I love this gorgeous rich color. It works so well in interiors.¬† Adding Emerald to your wardrobe adds a great pop of color and a modern touch! I am so happy Emerald was named the color of the year and can’t wait to play with this color in my home. Here are a few ideas on how to incorporate this gorgeous color in your home and where you can get some great Emerald accessories!

living room


Love the emerald green sofa and tufted ottoman. The color combination of black and emerald is such a classic pairing. I love the bold look in this living room.



This is such a chic space! Emerald green, white, and black pair perfectly. The pop of pink in the flowers adds the perfect accent.



Painting walls emerald green is definitely a bold move. I love it in this space. The green wall is the perfect backdrop for the artwork and furniture in this room.

Here are some perfect emerald green accessories to add to your home and wardrobe.


votive holder | stud earrings | handbag | throw pillow| scarf | Kitchenaid mixer

Pantone Spring 2013 Fashion Report

18 Sep

Recently Pantone released their latest Spring 2013 fashion colors. Pantone is the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems. Today I am going to share what the new Spring colors are and show you fashion sketches using those colors. In the coming week I will show you how to translate these colors into interiors. Fashion and interior design are very closely related so these colors are often used in interiors as well. Take a look at the new colors!

What do you think of the new spring colors?

Color Trends Part 4

22 Feb

Today I have 3 final colors to show you from the new fall colors released by Pantone. They are Titanium, Rhapsody, and Rose Smoke. These 3 colors are great staples and can be used as a great backdrop for any design. Titanium is a nice cool grey that is so versatile. Rhapsody is greyish purple that is calm and encourages comfort. Rose Smoke is a pale pink tone that can pair so nicely with these other two colors.

These first spaces use Titanium in very sophisticated ways.

via Style at Home

How elegant is this dining room? All the different tones and textures of grey are so awesome. The warm wood tones accent the cool greys perfectly. All the details in this dining room are so great. This space is made up of all neutral tones, but the fabric choices, wall paper, and chandelier keep this room so interesting.

via Houzz

This bedroom is a great eclectic space. The different shades of the Titanium grey creates a soft relaxing space. I love the bench at the end of the bed with the clear legs. It’s the perfect mix of traditional and modern. The different area rugs and those amazing mirrors pull everything together in a unique way.

via Pics Decor

This living room combines Titanium and Tangerine Tango in a great modern way. I love the bright artwork against the light grey. The tangerine punches this neutral space up a notch.

I love the way Rhapsody is incorporated in these next spaces.

via Elle Decor

Rhapsody is used as a great backdrop in this bedroom and as a great accent on the side tables. This space is full of texture and luxurious fabrics. The accents of red and the bright purple on the bench in front of the bed add a lot of interest into this room.

via House Beautiful

I love the use of Rhapsody in this bedroom. This chest of drawers in this great color really stands out against all the white. This bedroom feels so relaxing and elegant.

Lastly, Rose Smoke is used as a great backdrop in these next spaces.

via Elle Decor

This Rose Smoke bedroom is so inviting and soothing. The contemporary art above the bed is a great introduction of color. I really love this wood bed it feels so warm and natural.

via House Beautiful

These light pink walls are perfectly balanced by the dark brown furniture. There are so many beautiful details in this space including the furniture choices and sunburst above the fireplace. This is an elegant room.

All of these colors are popular in home accessories so here are some you can add into your home to add a modern touch of color.

1)  Bright Chartreuse via Crate and Barrel

2) Honey Gold via Zgallerie

3) French Roast via Zgallerie

4) Pink Flambe via The Divine Chair

5) Titanium via Crate and Barrel

6) Ultramarine Green via Spoon Flower

7) Olympian Blue via Crate and Barrel

8) Rose Smoke via Ikea

9) Bright Chartreuse via Crate and Barrel

10) Titanium via West Elm

11) Rhapsody via West Elm

12) Olympian Blue via Zgallerie

Hope you all enjoyed the Pantone fall colors! Have a great day!

Color Trends Part 3

21 Feb

Happy Tuesday! Are you ready for some more Pantone colors? The next 3 colors I am showing you are Ultramarine Green, Bright Chartreuse, and Olympian Blue. Ultramarine Green is a deep cooling blue-green that can be paired with the brighter colors to add a calming touch. Bright Chartreuse is a great yellow-green hue that will liven up any space. Olympian Blue is a strong classic color. These 3 colors are great used together or along with the other fall colors to create a great modern color palette. Here is some great inspiration for using these new color trends in your home.

These spaces use Ultramarine Green as a great accent to their space.

via Atlanta Home Magazine

This formal living space uses Ultramarine Green as a great accent. The floor to ceiling bookshelves have such amazing woodwork going on. I love the use of color to make this room feel relaxing and warm.

via Houzz

How great is this headboard? It adds a great focal point and a lot of interest. I love the creativity of using a room divider as a headboard. It is an easy alternative for your space. The bright chartreuse accents add just the right pop of color.

These next spaces use Bright Chartreuse in a sophisticated way.

via Coco Cozy

How’s this for a punch of color? The chartreuse upholstered dining chairs are such a modern touch and add a lot of contrast against the brown walls and neutral area rug. The drapery also in the Bright Chartreuse tie this elegant dining room together.

via Therapy by Charlotte

How amazing is this traditional domed chair?? This chair style originated in the 18th century, but the white woodwork and Bright Chartreuse fabric add such a modern twist. Pairing this color with the grey wallpaper and fabulous white mirror balance traditional and modern design perfectly.

via Design Sponge

How fantastic is this color combination? The Bright Chartreuse wall against the Pink Flambe couch is so bold. This space really works. The shape of the mirror is fabulous. I think this is such a stand out statement and a great modern color combination don’t you?

These last spaces use Olympian Blue in both modern and classic ways.

via Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects

This apartment is amazing! The Olympic Blue walls, artwork, and other accents are absolutely flawless. This apartment located in Miami really uses the ocean as great inspiration. This space is so modern and inviting. Head over to IKB Architects for more pictures. I would take a vacation in this space any day. Would you?

via Decorati

This bedroom uses Olympic Blue in a very classic way. The accent of blue in the the fabulous fabrics, lamps, and small table create a relaxing and balanced space. This bedroom feels so fresh and clean with the use of white against shades of blue and turquoise.

Did you enjoy today’s colors? I have 3 last colors to show you tomorrow. Have a good day!

2012 Color Trends Part 2

20 Feb

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine sure went by fast! I am going to continue my posts on the new fall colors from Pantone. Today I am highlighting French Roast, Honey Gold, and Pink Flambe. I love all three of these colors. They can be used in all styles of designs. French Roast is a rich sophisticated hue that is a great alternative to black or charcoal. Honey Gold is a mellow soft yellow that will bring some sunshine into your home. Pink Flambe is a vibrant warm pink. It can be sophisticated and a fun accent. Hope you get inspired to add some of these new colors into you home!

French Roast is a wonderful shade of brown. Here are some interiors that are using this color.

via Houzz

Isn’t this bedroom luxurious? The warm brown and crisp white make make this bedroom modern and relaxing. The French Roast walls are are such a great warm neutral color. The patterned rug adds a great graphic touch and the chandelier is so elegant. The moldings along the ceiling and floor are dramatic and add a great finishing touch.

via House Beautiful

This French Roast living room is elegant and comfortable. The warm brown tones on the wall and crystal chandelier add a lot of drama. All the details in the moldings and fireplace are a great touch and add some contrast to the dark walls. What do you think of this color? I think it is so rich and sophisticated.

These next spaces have added some sunshine to their spaces with Honey Gold.

via Coastal Living

If yellow isn’t your favorite color this is a great way to add the Honey Gold color into small elements. I love the chair fabric it’s a great graphic print. This is such a cute little nook and perfect use of yellow accents.

via Pinterest

This is an awesome eclectic space. The Honey Gold couch makes such a great statement. Pairing this yellow color with all the neutral colors in the space really balances the brightness and keeps this space feeling modern.

These last rooms punch up their space with the spicy Pink Flambe.

via House Beautiful

This foyer is amazing. The Pink Flambe wall is to die for. I love this color against the white, gold, and black details. It pops! This makes such a dramatic focal point.

via Houzz

If you are scared about having Pink Flambe overpowering your space this is a great way to bring the fun color into your home. I love these chairs. They have a great traditional shape with a modern touch of color and zebra print on the pillows.

How do you like today’s new fall colors? I think they are all bold and can be a great accent or focal point in any space. 3 more amazing bold colors are coming up tomorrow! Hope you all have a great day!

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