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Home Tour: Stylish NYC Apartment

30 Oct

Good morning! Man, do I have a beautiful home tour for you today! I came across this super fabulous NYC apartment designed by the super talented Phoebe and James Howard and knew I had to share it with you. The details used throughout this apartment are stunning.


This entry makes a huge statement! The fluted white walls and gold ceiling are jaw dropping.



Zebra wood walls warm up the space and add an unexpected element.




How beautiful is this living room?? The patterned area rug grounds the space and offers a great accent to that fabulous navy couch.



This is any little girl’s dream room. The twin beds covered in a large scale print are beautiful.



This boy’s room is masculine, but still young and fresh.


This apartment is pretty great right? The attention to detail is so beautiful. My favorite space has to be the living room. As I have said MANY times I am a huge fan of a colored sofa (particularly navy) so this space is perfection. Which is your favorite room? To see more of this fabulous apartment check out House Beautiful.



Colored Sofas

24 Sep

Ahhh… How I love a good colored sofa. How many of you have the neutral sofa and accent it with colored or patterned pillows? Me too. I have LOVED the idea of colored sofas forever and haven’t taken the plunge. When I buy my next sofa which is probably a few years from now I am definitely getting a beautiful color. Not only are they usually a little more practical (hiding stains/dirt) they really define a space. I have pulled together some of my favorites. I’d love to hear what you think!








navy velvet










Aren’t they gorgeous?? My absolute faves are the deep navy or beautiful emerald. There is something really classy about a navy or emerald velvet sofa. I do love the more vibrant colors too. They are fun and would make a great accent to a space. Which is your favorite?


Mad about Molding

12 Feb

Good morning! Adding molding to your walls is an easy way to create interest and a focal point. You can make such a bold statement on your walls. Whether you choose to keep it the same color as the walls or a contrasting tone they both work to create wonderful character. Take a look at some great ideas.

dining room








navy and white




Do you like wall molding like I do?


Color Obsession: Jewel Tones

10 Jan

Jewel tones are very popular in home decor and fashion. I am a huge fan. The rich luxurious colors warm up any space. Whether you choose sapphire, emerald, ruby, or amethyst the saturated color really adds a great amount of luxury and style to any room. I love the bold use of jewel tones not just in accent pillows, but in the bigger items or even paint colors. Take a look at the luxurious jewel toned spaces.

yellow and emerald




jewel tones


emerald and purple


blue and red




Design Predictions for 2013

8 Jan

I have been paying close attention to design trends that I think will be all the rage in 2013. Some of them got their start in 2012, but aren’t going anywhere.

Two kitchen trends I have noticed lately are the use of brass hardware and the use of navy and white cabinetry. I think this trend is definately here to stay in 2013. I happen to love these 2 trends so much!

brass hardware


brass hardware2


blue and white cabinetsblue and white 2

blue and white


I know we will be seeing a lot of emerald, but I also think we will continue to see the use of deep saturated jewel tones. Whether it’s blues, purples, burgundy etc we will be seeing lots of these beautiful hues. They all pair so nicely with brass and gold as well.

jewel tonejewel tones


We started to see a lot of pattern mixing in 2012, but I think we are going to punch it up in 2013.

mixed patterns

mixing patterns


Lastly, I think we will soon see a lot of interiors inspired by the movie The Great Gatsby. I think the art deco style will be found in the patterns and textiles.

great gatsby

What trends are you looking forward to seeing in 2013?

The Home Study

27 Nov

When I think of a home study I think it should be cozy, warm, and sophisticated. The fabric choices are very important in spaces like these. Velvets and leather work perfectly. I found some great examples of how to create a perfect study.


This space is perfect for work and relaxation. The beautiful colors and fabrics really make this space what it is. I love this light fixture also!


The bold geometric area rug grounds this space and adds a bit of a modern touch. The accents on the table and walls make this space unique and full of character.


This cozy corner is so inviting. This leather chair is the perfect fabric choice for a masculine touch. I love the vintage pieces they really add something special to this corner.


These navy lacquer walls are amazing. Accented with the pop of green leather this is a perfect home study.


I am loving the mix of masculine and feminine elements in this study. This is the color combination that comes to mind when I think of a study. Beautiful and warm.

Things I’m Loving… Right Now

10 Oct

Today I am going to share some things that I am currently loving from my Pinterest boards. As I have mentioned in other posts I love Pinterest so I am going to share some of my recent finds of all kinds to get you inspired! Follow me on Pinterest for more ideas! Have a great day!

I love this Euro chic living room. The limestone fireplace is gorgeous and the chandelier is fabulous!

This space is so chic! I love the shape of this sofa and the beautiful rug.

This saturated navy blue dining room is so great. I love the pops of white and mix of black.

Who doesn’t love a little arm candy?

These turquoise tufted headboards are so perfect! I love the mix of artwork and pink pillows.

I love this ombre pumpkin! I think this may be my Halloween craft project!

Black and green olives paired with feta cheese is a perfect appetizer. This is a super cute and simple way to serve them.

I love these pink ranunculus! Had to share this pretty picture with you.

Another great party idea. Doughnut and fruit skewers are such a great brunch idea!

This beautiful pink table scape is perfect for showers, tea parties, or weddings. I love the mixed glassware and tea cups.

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