Back in Action

7 Jan

Good morning! So sorry I have been MIA for weeks! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and happy new year! There has been a lot going on around here over the last month. Not only was it the holidays so we spent a lot of time with family, but my husband and I bought and moved into our first house! So we have been doing a lot of moving and projects. I will be sure to feature lots of home related projects as they happen. Since it is a new fresh year I thought I would feature some updates to my 101 in 1001 list I made last year. I can cross many more off my list (yay!) Have any of you made a list?

Bring on 2015.

4. Buy a House So happy to be able to cross this one off! We are so happy to finally have a place to truly call our own.

22. Give away 10 items I no longer need (not including clothing) and do not replace them. When moving it is the perfect time to go through everything. We donated lots of things we didn’t need or use anymore.

28. Finish the gallery wall I’ve been planning for months Finally! This has been a work in progress and I think it always will be. I like the idea of adding to it, but for now it is complete and I will feature it for you Friday.

31. Organize and go through bathroom cabinets Moving again helped with this one. Feels good to start fresh.

32. Organize and go through kitchen cabinets Same as above.

50. Upgrade my iPhone I got the new iPhone6 in September. So much better than my outdated one!

80. Go on a picnic I went to Golden Gate Park with a group of friends and had the best picnic. It was a lot of fun and I think we should do it more often.


87. Make 10 new recipes off Pinterest (10/10) I love finding new recipes. Here’s the ones I have made: Paprika Chicken, Creamy Mushroom Pasta, Chicken Caprese, Rosemary Lemon Chicken, Hot Spinach Dip, Mini Chicken and Waffles, Bacon Wrapped Mushrooms, Pumpkin Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies, Plum Crumble, Skinny Chocolate Banana Muffins.

Recipes to Try

99. Host a holiday party We hosted a few friends for New Years at our home this year.

Party food

I’m looking forward to crossing off many more items off my list in the coming year.


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