A Guide to Styling the Perfect Bookcase

15 Oct

One of my best girlfriends has two large bookcases in her home office that needed some styling. I spent a few hours pulling them together so I thought I would share some tips on how you can style your own perfect bookcase. Luckily, she had a lot of great objects and decorative pieces that could be used to make them interesting.


One of the best ways to style your bookshelves is to layer. Layer art behind books, place objects on top of stacks, etc. You don’t need to go out and shop for tons of decorative pieces. Chances are you have lots around your house that would work perfectly. This gives it a more gathered look versus everything looking new. She only bought 2 new pieces the rest she already had. Baskets are perfect for storing those items you need, but may not be too pretty.

The Suite Life Designs

Since these bookshelves are in an office there are certain supplies that needed to be stored. Place them in pretty glass containers to show them off while still being functional. I love the use of unexpected items as well such as this antique fan and gnome candle. Use pieces that show your personality.

The Suite Life Designs Detail

If the spine of a book isn’t pretty just turn it around. Framed cards or art break up the space from being just objects and books.

The Suite Life Designs Bookcase

I like using objects such as this old bottle or vases as bookends. Try to add height. I did this by placing a small plant on a stack of books and placing the scale on a book with paint swatches on top.

The Suite Life Designs Bookcase Detail

This shelf is full of vintage pieces. It perfectly showcases my friend’s style.

I have pulled together some key pieces that will help you style your bookcases:


bookends | planter | art | candlesticks | box | gem objects | magnifying glass | vase



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