Wednesday Wants: 5.21.2014

21 May

Good morning! Today’s Wednesday Wants list is dedicated to one of my very favorite stores. Target. I love all of their collaborations and home collections. I have pulled together my favorite pieces from Nate Berkus, Safavieh, and Threshold. Enjoy!


1. Safavieh Pilani Scroll Lamps | 2. Threshold Captain’s Mirror | 3. Safavieh Arm Chair | 4. Threshold Striped Pouf | 5. Threshold Brass Cage Accent Table | 6. Nate Berkus Pedestal Bowl | 7. Nate Berkus Ceramic Tray | 8. Safavieh X-Bench | 9. Nate Berkus Striped Throw | 10. Threshold Area Rug | 11. Nate Berkus Stoneware Vase | 12. Safavieh Doreen Accent Table

Can you believe these are all from Target? They have really stepped up their game!



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