Budget, Mid-Range, Splurge: Upholstered Benches

21 Jan

I love a good upholstered bench. Upholstered benches can be used in so many ways. They are wonderful at the foot of the bed, in the entry of your home, or as extra seating in a living room. One thing that’s so great about benches is they can be moved around to different spaces as you wish to mix up your decor. I have pulled together 12 great options that fit into any price range.


Budget: Jonathan Adler Crescent Heights $489 (on sale) | Rencourt Tufted Bench $499 | Raleigh Bench $399-$499 | Threshold Tufted Bench $99

Mid-Range: Denison Mirrored Bench $699 | Kilim Bench $509 | Bailey Bench $950 | Chesterfield Bench $799

Splurge: Henri Bench $1,399 | Brownstone X-Base $1,463 | Spindle Bench $1,495 | Bergman Bench $1,745



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