DIY: Wool Pom Pom Wreath

10 Dec

Good morning! I don’t know what has come over me this year, but I can’t stop crafting! My latest project is my best yet (I think). Have you all seen the fabulous Anthropologie tufted wool wreath? I love it, but it was around $300. No way would I ever spend that! I then saw a DIY version on Pinterest and thought I can do that. And I did! It turned out so fabulous! Here is the Anthropologie version:

anthro wreath

Here is my version:

SLD Wreath

Want to see how I did it? I documented the steps for you. (Please forgive all the shadows. I took the pictures on my phone.)


4 bundles of yarn. Make sure it is thick and fluffy.

1 Styrofoam wreath form

Stick pins (or hot glue, but pins were super easy)

Ribbon of your choice



Step 1:

Wrap the yarn around 3 fingers (4 if you want fluffier pom poms) Wrap around 40 times.


Step 2:

Gently slide bundle off fingers and cut another piece of yarn about 6-8 inches long.


Step 3:

Wrap the long piece of yarn around the middle of your bundle. Make sure it is pretty tight so your pom pom won’t fall apart later.


Step 4:

Take your scissors and insert them into one side of your bundle, then cut. Repeat on the other side.


Trim all the extra long pieces and fluff the pom pom.

Repeat this process until you have enough to cover the wreath.

Step 5:

Start pinning the pom poms onto the wreath. I used 2-3 pins per pom pom to make sure they stayed.



It took about 16 pom poms to cover the top. 14 for the middle and 18 for the outside. Yes, this project is a little tedious, but it was pretty easy and the result is great!

Wool Wreath

Notice those trees? I’ll show you how I DIYed those tomorrow!

Wool Wreath Close Up

What do you think? If any of you attempt this project I’d love to see it!



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