DIY Dot Cocktail Napkins

5 Dec

Today I have a fun and easy DIY for you. I found a great idea on Pinterest (where else?!?) and thought it looked easy enough for me to recreate. If any of you need a small hostess gift this would be perfect for you.

dot napkins

I chose to make cocktail sized napkins. Not only would they be a great addition to my bar cart, but they make a great small gift for Christmas time. You could easily do full size napkins if you’d like.

What you will need:

Napkins- I used white cocktail napkins from World Market (they are only $4.99!)

Metallic Gold and Silver fabric paint- I used Martha Stewart brand from Michael’s

Pencils with fresh erasers

That’s it! Super simple!


Lay out your napkins on something you don’t mind paint bleeding onto. Such as cardboard.

With your pencil start adding dots to your napkins. I started from the bottom left and spaced them evenly across. I like that mine didn’t turn out super perfect.

Space your second row of dots between the gaps of the first.



To see the original source where I got my inspiration click here.



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