Guest Post: Shabby Chic Home Decor

14 Nov

Good morning! Today I have a great guest post for you all to enjoy by blogger Amber Hash of The Vanity Room blog. She is sharing some great Shabby Chic inspiration for you today. Enjoy!

 Shabby chic is a style of interior decoration that relies on soft and feminine old-fashioned elegance. The point of shabby chic is to create a timeless look that seems to have lasted years and years from decades before. This effect is sometimes achieved with vintage accessories and antique furniture, but is more often achieved using contemporary furniture and modern fabrics, all crafted to appear older. This process is known as distressing.

Living Room:

The living room can be transformed into a shabby chic paradise by choosing soft pastel floral prints for furniture upholstery. The main colours associated with shabby chic tend to be very natural colours like cream, white and beige. This is because older fabrics tended to be cotton and
linen which could be naturally undyed (ecru), bleached to pure whiteness, or left with a hint of colour to create beige or cream. Décor colour themes tended to use soft rose pink and a gentle sky blue, so these two colours work well in helping you to achieve your shabby chic look.

Dining Room:

 The main feature of your dining room will always be the dining  table and chair set, and therefore, this is the point to begin the transformation to shabby chic. If you have a table that has a fairly old-fashioned design already, you can very quickly make-over the set by layering on two or three layers of paint, preferably in distinct colours. Allow each layer enough time to dry thoroughly and apply the paint fairly thickly. Once all the layers are completely dry, carefully
work over the table, rubbing away the first and second layers of paint to allow the other colours to shine through. Use a fairly fine grained sandpaper so that you do not risk damaging the wood. When not in use place a wide vase, bursting with traditional flowers, on the table. Roses are the perfect shabby chic flower, adding a wonderful fragrance to the room and a splash of colour to your newly distressed table.


Indulge your taste for intensely feminine bed linen. Cool crisp cotton sheets, heavy but cosy bedspreads and soft, warm chenille throws along with a multitude of pretty cushions all perfectly enhance the shabby chic style. Bedding world offers some amazing bed linen products especially for winters. Bedroom furniture can be distressed, using your desired colour scheme, and your curtains can add colour and appeal with floral patterns.


 Gloriously shining copper, a well-scrubbed table and a fruit basket overflowing with seasonal fruit and vegetables instantly give your kitchen an atmosphere of practical utility and old-fashioned charm. Explore car-boot sales and auctions and pick up trifles like fish or jelly molds and other similar old but interesting kitchen appliances from the period that you wish to evoke.


Enhance the look of the bathroom with carefully chosen curtains, bath and pedestal mat sets and, once again place a vase of roses in the room, to add colour and fragrance to the room. If you can install a large old-fashioned bath with claw feet and retro-style taps you have made a good start on infusing your bathroom with shabby chic. I found some great bathroom products at My-Bathrooms which you can buy online at very reasonable prices.

Shabby chic décor works well with families, when any accidental damage or staining can be made to work within the décor rather than standing out from it and ruining the overall effect. A shabby chic home exudes appeal and comfort in equal measure and is much easier to maintain than a more formal, pristine interior.



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