Tips for Mixing Metals

15 Oct

Good morning! Mixing metals is one of my favorite design elements. There used to be design rules against mixing any sort of metals. You had to stick to one finish and color. Well not anymore! Mixing metals is one of the best ways to create a collected look. I always think it is important to look like you have gathered pieces over time rather than buying them all at the same store on the same day.


Silver, brass, and gold mix perfectly on this nightstand.

silver and gold



living room


console table


Mixing the gold leafed mirror with collected silver pieces brightens up this sideboard. Multiples is important when mixing metals. If you have one silver piece, but multiple brass items it will seem unbalanced.


Mixing metals creates a more sophisticated space. Do you or would you mix metals in your home? My personal favorite is mixing brass and silver pieces. I have a collection of silver items I have gathered over the years that I have began mixing in with newer brass/gold pieces. They go together really well.



One Response to “Tips for Mixing Metals”

  1. lessthanperfectmama October 16, 2013 at 4:01 pm #

    Loving the lamp and tissue box cover in pic 1

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