Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gifts

28 Jun

Happy Friday! My second wedding anniversary is coming up next Wednesday so I am sharing with you some traditional and modern anniversary gift ideas. Each wedding anniversary has a traditional and modern “theme”. I think everyone knows the 25th is silver and 50th is gold, but what about 1st, 2nd, or 30th? My parents are celebrating their 30th anniversary in August so looking through the list of themes helped to figure out some great ideas. If you want to see the entire list by year here it is. Some of the themes may seem hard to figure out, but finding a meaningful adaptation that fits your personality is what really makes any of these themes special.

1st anniversary

For the first anniversary it is traditional to gift paper. How you can interpret this is with a great book of activities you two can do together in 150 different US cities. Monogrammed stationary or a nice journal are also thoughtful traditional gifts. A modern way to interpret the 1st anniversary is with a nice watch (4 | 5) or stylish clock (6| 7).

2nd anniversary

At first glance you may think cotton?? What kind of gift is that? (Well I thought that anyway) Then I started to think about it. There are so many wonderful thoughtful cotton gifts. I love these cute throw pillows. A luxurious monogrammed robe or this stylish pom pom throw are the perfect interpretation of the cotton theme. You can even get a new set of cotton sheets. If you would rather go the modern route china is the way to go. For the coffee or tea lover this cup and saucer is a beautiful gift. You can never go wrong with a vase filled with beautiful flowers. If you never registered for fine china now might be the time you can pick out the perfect set together.

30th anniversary

For the 30th anniversary you can choose the traditional pearl or modern diamond. If you aren’t a fan of traditional pearls you can opt for mother of pearl as shown in the cufflinks and picture frame. I love this pearl bracelet, it is modern with the bow but still classic. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend right? They are also pricey. The ring and necklace are gorgeous, but if you don’t have a large budget this crystal engraved paperweight could be a great substitute.

What do you think?

Do any of you have a favorite anniversary gift you have received or a good idea on how to adapt one of these themes?

Have a great weekend!



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