Styling My New Desk

29 May

So I have mentioned before that my husband and I have a desk in the bedroom. He uses it for his desktop so that leaves very little space for me to work. I often resort to the coffee table or kitchen table, definitely not an ideal situation! We have limited space for another desk, but I found the perfect spot. I knew I wanted a white desk and I knew I wanted it to be very simple so I could style it however I wanted. I also knew I didn’t want to spend a lot because when we move to a larger space (hopefully next year) I want to be able to replace it without feeling guilty about it. So, I searched around and found the PERFECT simple white desk from the Threshold collection at Target. Unfortunately, it is not sold in stores, but the price was right so I hope it lives up to the picture. (It should be arriving today!) I have been thinking about how I want to design my workspace from the accessories on the desk to what kind of art I want on the wall above it. Here is the desk I picked out.


I love it! I am thinking of changing the drawer hardware to a brass pull so I can have brass or gold accents. I have found a lot of great inspirational images of white desks to get my juices flowing. Here are some of my favorites. I would love to hear your input as well!









I found a great brass desk lamp and now I just need to get a few more accessories to get my workspace up and running. I think I am going to print and frame a few of my favorite inspirational quotes from my pinterest board and create a mini gallery wall above the desk. If you have any great quotes to share I’d love to hear them! I am so excited to have a place to call my own. I look forward to sharing the finished space with you!



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