Guest Post: Reap the Rewards of Saving Money: Tips for Affordable Living

17 May

I am still out of town so, I have another guest post today for Fashion Friday courtesy of Morgan of the new blog Gray & Gabbana. Enjoy!

Saving money can provide many rewards. The less money you spend on the things you need, the more money you will have to buy things you want. I’ve been putting some saving habits into practice that I hope can help you too.

Saving on Fashion

When I need a fresh look, I love to start with a new pair of eyeglasses or some hot shades. Fortunately, at Warby Parker, I can get great eye wear at a great price. I also know that each time I make a purchase, someone else is getting the help they need! For each pair of glasses sold, Warby Parker donates a pair.



I love sporting fresh looks by incorporating hot jewelry trends into my outfits. With vintage looks in vogue, my new favorite place to shop is actually my grandmother’s jewelry box. The two of us have fun looking for great old pieces to match with some of my favorite new outfits. Other days, I enjoy shopping for handcrafted jewelry on sites like Etsy! Definitely worth browsing through!



Saving on Beauty

Beauty products account for much of the money I spend each month, but I take care to conserve product as much as possible.

First, I avoid using cotton balls as applicators. While they feel great against my skin, they soak up product and result in heavy waste. Instead, I use flat applicator pads or product-specific applicators that minimize waste and maximize results.

I also take advantage of recycling programs through my favorite cosmetic companies. MAC Cosmetics will sent customers a free lipstick of their choice for returning used cosmetic containers to the company.


While life can be expensive, remember that almost anywhere you spend money, you can also find ways to save it. Many resources exist to help individuals save on the things they want and need.

I love taking advantage of coupon codes. One of my favorite places to get discounts is RetailMeNot where I can get coupon codes to use for discounts online and in stores.

To hear more from Morgan visit her blog Gray & Gabbana. Have a great weekend!


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