Guest Post: A SEVERE CASE OF THE BLUES: Decorating a room around royal blue

16 May

I am heading home to Southern California today for the weekend so I have a great guest post for you today courtesy of Ariel at Enjoy!
Royal blue was hot on the fashion runways for the 2013 spring season.   So it is no surprise you are seeing this beautiful bold color crossover into the interior design world.  Its strong personality goes a long way, but using this strength in your home decor can really make an energetic statement.
Here are three tips for using royal blue in your space:

1.    Mix and match to break up the color

If you’re using royal blue on the walls, aim for light toned accessories and room décor to break up this strong color.  Patterns are a wonderful way to offset the lively presence of royal blue.  Patterned accessories such as tapestries, pillows, and throws can all help create a balance while also creating a striking room.

Hint of Royal Blue

2.    Lighting is critical to using this color correctly

Royal blue has a tendency to absorb light, so you want a room with a natural light presence to prevent the room from looking too dark.  If you are using the color on your walls, try hanging sheer ivory curtains to allow natural light to shine through.  To maintain a light and airy look, use royal blue as an accent color in a room filled with natural colors.

House Beautiful Royal Blue Dining Room

3.    When in doubt try creating a mood board

A mood board (also known as an inspiration board) is a collage that consists of paint samples, magazine cutouts, fabric swatches and anything else that might catch your eye.  Center your mood board around royal blue and see how it begins to come together with different pieces.  You will be surprised at the color and pattern combinations that emerge.

Royal Blue Accesories

Royal Blue Dining Table

This article was written by Ariel Dagan of Ariel is a design enthusiast who builds custom rugs for homes and small business.  See his blog for interior design principles and the different tools and ‘ingredients’ that are used to create rugs of all types.

One Response to “Guest Post: A SEVERE CASE OF THE BLUES: Decorating a room around royal blue”

  1. Jonathan Wishbone May 16, 2013 at 9:48 am #

    This is beautiful!

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