Design Tips for Your Living Room

19 Mar

Figuring out the best layout, colors, furniture, etc. for your spaces can be difficult and overwhelming. I have compiled a list of great tips that can really help when re-designing your spaces. I don’t suggest using all of these tips in your space, but choose the ones that feel right for you and your style.

Create Symmetry

Symmetry is pleasing to the eye. Pair items together such as chairs or decorative items around a central focal point. The space below uses symmetry in a beautiful way. Balancing the artwork on either side of the fireplace is the perfect example.



Build Your Room Around A Focal Point

Arrange your furniture and other decorative objects around a main focal point such as a fireplace. Dress up the mantle with artwork or like in the picture below a large mirror. Define this architectural feature even more by flanking it with build in bookcases.



Play with Proportions

When everything is at a normal scale introduce a large scale item such as artwork to add more interest and a conversation piece. When everything is at the same scale the design becomes predicable.



Keep Space Well Lit

Layer different types of lighting to ensure the space is well lit. Layer ceiling, task, and wall lighting. In the picture below using a mirror also reflects light throughout the space.



Define a Seating Area with Large Rug

In open concept spaces an easy way to define spaces is with large area rugs. Placing furniture on the rug creates unity.

area rug


Pay Attention to Furniture Shapes in Small Spaces

In small spaces proportions and shapes of furniture are very important. Choose pieces with rounded corners instead of sharp corners. Choose a sofa with narrow arms to maximize seating.

small space


I hope these design tips help when decorating your living room! If you have any other tips to add I’d love to hear them!



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