Guest Post: How to apply the Brass Trend to Your Home

27 Feb

Nostalgic brass elements are being revisited in today’s design trends. Rooms combining high-shine surfaces, rich color saturation and the tasteful use of period furniture create a look that melds modern materials with vintage styling. The look is attention-getting, yet timeless. Incorporating brass features and decorative touches adds pizazz to interior spaces.

That said, remember that less is usually more. No need to overhaul every doorknob, windowsill and lamp — a few well-chosen pieces are all that’s needed to stay in trend. A slavish devotion to trends won’t improve resale value, but adding a brass piece or two will add polish and drama to any room. Try these suggestions — one may be right for you!

Brass Trend Style Guide

Larger Furniture Pieces

A bold, chunky brass trunk, like this Sarreid brass trunk from Spain, is all that’s needed to add shine and vintage flair to a living room or bedroom.  The brass studs and handles that decorate this piece add interest to its smooth surfaces.

Add interest to a bedroom or living room with a sleek, more modern option like this brass side table or this copper-finished chair.

Small Room Accessories

Try adding a punch of brass to a bookshelf or surface as a sure-fire way to up the glamour of a room. These brass bookends add a vintage but whimsical touch.

Experiment by hanging a mirror, like this bow mirror that incorporates brass in a smaller dose. For a more vintage-romantic style, try placing a piece like this Venetian frame in a bedroom or living room.

Room-Warming Elements

Brass and copper-colored pieces warm and soften rooms. Try adding a copper throw pillow to a bed or couch as a warm accent color.

Conversely, brass can reflect light to illuminate darker spaces. This brass lamp could be set on a side table in order to shine some light and color into a corner.

Make a neutral, modern, more industrial type of space look instantly warmer and more inviting by incorporating a copper-colored throw. A fiery copper shag rug can also add texture and depth.

The brass trend is perfect for adding a little drama and flair to an otherwise bland room, but be careful to not overdo it on the dramatic effects. Brass, bronze and copper serve as accent elements, not the main theme. Like most trends, this one will probably go out of style eventually. Be careful not to make any permanent changes that may decrease the resale value of the home.

Adria Saracino and Tali Wee collaborated on the above style guide. Adria is a fashion blogger and obsessive home décor pinner. Tali handles the Houston community outreach for Zillow and enjoys spending time on projects around the house.


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