Map it Out

20 Feb

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope you are having a good week so far! I have a new obsession, decorating with maps. I love to travel and love looking at maps. I think they are beautiful and interesting. There are so many styles old and new. The colors can be vibrant or muted. I have gathered some of my favorite images using maps in interiors. Hope you enjoy!



This bedroom uses a vintage street map as the perfect wall accent. I think this map adds character to the space.

living room


I am in love with this space! All the vintage elements create a warm interesting space.



The muted colors of this map is beautiful. This is the perfect backdrop for this chic workspace.

framed maps


Framing these maps create a beautiful focal point in this space.

dining room


How beautiful is this map?? It creates a wonderful conversation piece and focal point. I love the muted colors.



How fun and creative is this idea? Love it!

How do you feel about decorating with maps? Do you love this idea?

Have a great day!!



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