Time to get Organized

9 Jan

With the new year comes a new fresh start. It is a great time to get organized! I have compiled some tips and pictures to get you inspired to get your home organized this year. Once I get started on organizing I can’t stop. I love getting things in order and getting rid of things. It is the getting started part that is the hardest!


1) Get trash bags or boxes for items to keep, trash, or donate. It makes me feel good to be able to get rid of items I don’t need or use and donate them to to a charity for people who can get good use of them.

2) Organize and label. Prevent future messes by organize and labeling things you store in boxes or containers.

3) I always have good music playing. This may sound silly but having upbeat music playing in the background really keeps me going and makes cleaning out closets a little more fun.

4) Prevent future paper clutter by signing up for paperless billing and getting off some of those catalog lists you really wish you weren’t on. I have switched over to paperless billing for just about everything and it makes a huge difference!



This is a beautifully organized office. Baskets and folders are a perfect way to organize papers and miscellaneous items.

office supplies


I LOVE this idea! Use an old spice rack to store small office supplies.

shoe storage


I love the idea of using an old piece of furniture and converting it for shoe storage or any storage for that matter!



I just had to include this image as something to aspire to. This organized closet is amazing! I think we all wish we had a closet like this right?

Here are a couple images of how I organize small items in my own home:


I like to keep all my nail polishes in a glass container to keep them all together and make them look nice.

I love my bamboo canisters in the kitchen. I hate having bags of flour, sugar, etc.

My bathroom cabinet would be a mess if it weren’t for the plastic containers. They are an easy inexpensive way to store items.

As I have shown you before I like to organize my jewelry in a way I can see it. These decorative bowls and tray are the perfect way to do so.

Often the office/ desk area is the most in need of organization. I have compiled some great organization products that can help you de-clutter.

paper and magazines

1. Stacking Letter Trays | 2.  Striped File Folders | 3.  Orange Wall File | 4.  Striped Letter Sorter | 5.  Lacquer Magazine Storage |6.  Cut Out Magazine Storage

boxes cups trays

1. Marble Lacquer Box | 2. Polka Dot Boxes | 3. Small Tray | 4. Desk Caddy | 5. Cup Storage | 6. Jonathan Adler Tray

I would love to hear your organization tips! I hope these help to inspire you to get organized this year!


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