Company Spotlight: Lauren Olivia & Co.

20 Dec

The company Lauren Olivia & Co. was recently introduced to me and I am so excited to share information with you. The mission of Lauren Olivia & Co. is to provide women with products to empower them to live the global lifestyles they choose. Lauren Olivia & Co. designs women’s business, travel, and lifestyle accessories that are influenced by cultures from around the world. You see this inspiration in the colors, patterns, and textiles they choose to use. As this business grows their plan is to support women enterprises through the sourcing of unique cultural materials used in their products.


Their first collection of handbags is inspired by South Korea.

laurenolivia interior

Their bags are stylish and versatile.

Over the last 2 years Lauren Olivia & Co. have been building their business. They have surveyed over 200 women to find out what women want from their professional accessories.

lauren olivia clutch

Cute right??

 Lauren Olivia & Co. has another 22 days to meet their fundraising goal of $67k on Kickstarter to make this business a reality. If the company meets their fundraising goal within the time period, they can move forward with manufacturing. If not, the business is at a stand-still. The team at Lauren Olivia & Co. would really appreciate sharing and for you to consider making a pledge– pledges let you pre-order products, too!
If you are interested in Lauren Olivia & Co. please visit their website.

2 Responses to “Company Spotlight: Lauren Olivia & Co.”

  1. Lauren Olivia & Co. December 20, 2012 at 3:43 pm #

    Thank you for the post, and thank you for your support!!

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