17 Dec

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend! Today we are talking about the LBD or otherwise known as the Little Black Desk. Well they aren’t all small, but it is an easy abbreviation.  I LOVE a dramatic black desk. You can’t really go wrong with a high gloss black desk (in my eyes anyways). Want to transform your current desk into a LBD all you need is some high gloss black paint and you are good to go! Take a look at some of these black desks I think you may just fall in love with them like I have.

black desk


I am loving this simple bamboo look.

shiny black desk


I am in love with this whole space. The high gloss desk really adds another level of drama and sophistication to this space. I am loving all the wonderful details here.

traditional black desk


This is a gorgeous eclectic traditional office. This simple black desk is so chic.

black and white desk


Drama! Oh my. I love this black and white desk. This space designed by Kelly Wearstler does not disappoint!



This simple black desk is perfection. Any color you pair with a black desk will pop like these beautiful pink flowers and red chair.

secretary desk


What is there not to love here? The pink interior of this secretary against the black is fab!

black and pink


This beautiful traditional black desk looks so chic with the soft pink and white accents. Choosing a black desk is the perfect choice in this space to set it apart from all the light colors happening in the rest of the room.

Are you a fan of a chic LBD?


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