1 Rug, 3 Styles

14 Dec

Happy Friday everyone! Boy do I have a treat for you! Today I am so excited to have guest blogger Adria Saracino from the fashion blog The Emerald Closet here to show you how you can you can make the most out of your area rug. I hope you all find this helpful! Have a great weekend!

Buying a rug is a big commitment; they’re expensive and as a result usually stick around for a long time. It can take months of browsing through various styles of rugs before you find the perfect fit for your space. And once you choose a rug you might find yourself feeling boxed into one style or another based on your rug’s design.

But you shouldn’t worry; rugs are far more versatile than you might think. We’ve chosen one rug and paired it with three different design styles to help you out with some rug inspiration.
Note, this one is from Macy’s, but there are other options and similar styles available in its rug section if this specific color, pattern, or price point doesn’t work for you.

Minimal Modern


The key to this bold, punchy style is plenty of crisp, clean lines and blocks of color. The rug’s geometric print is perfectly suited to the blocky sofa and chair. Minimal modern focuses on a neutral palette with pops of color, which are seen in the chair, art print, and dresser.
1. One light floor lamp
2. Salt water cure print
3. Triangles terrarium
4. Ocher chair
5. Lake Tahoe dresser
6. Steel sofa

New Traditional

TheSuiteLifeDesigns-Rug-NewTraditional (1)

As you probably guessed, this style has its roots in the traditional style, which focuses on rich colors, antique period furnishings, carved wood, and upholstered pieces. But new traditional does not focus so heavily on the ornate details as the traditional style does.
1. Fruiteria lamp
2. 3 seat fabric sofa
3. Chevron frame
4. Glass jewelry box
5. Nutmeg wingback chair
6. Sanibel dresser



This style promotes a simple, laid back atmosphere, and is often influenced by a regional area (i.e. the desert Southwest or a lake side cabin). The specifics of this style can vary greatly, but common elements include handcrafted/rough wood, metal work, antique fabrics, taxidermy, and distressed leather.
1. Leather sofa
2. Cloche table lamp
3. Rabbit profile print
4. Globe
5. Vintage antler mount
6. Lizard trunk
7. Apothecary storage cabinet

Adria Saracino is a chronic pinner and style blogger over at The Emerald Closet fashion blog. When not taking photos of stylish Seattleites or contemplating her next home design purchase, you can find her checking out one of Seattle’s trendy restaurants or watching HGTV.


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