My Favorite Things

5 Nov

Today I am going to show you some of my favorite things. My taste is constantly changing and evolving, but this is what I am loving right now. I will show you pictures of my personal items I have and some other items I’m loving. Hope you enjoy!

I love my accessories on my bookshelf at home. The lamp is the perfect size next to the couch. I got it from Crate & Barrel and unfortunately it is not available anymore.

This lantern I got a few years back from World Market. I have always been a fan of lanterns. I love having eclectic accessories.

The vases are also from Crate & Barrel. They were a wedding gift. The stainless steel finish is modern and sleek.

If you don’t have this Domino book it is full of great resources and beautiful interiors. I received it a few years back and still use it for ideas and inspiration.

My husband and I love our wine racks! The beautiful wood color accents our other items nicely. These were another wedding gift and they are put to good use.

I love storing some of my favorite jewelry pieces in different decorative items. It’s a great way to add a decorative touch while also being a convenient spot to find your favorites.

The gold bowl is a recent purchase from the new Nate Berkus collection at Target. It was only $7.99! Can’t beat that right?

The other dish is from Ikea. I love it because of the colored glass, but it also has a vintage feel.

Another one of my favorite things is my collection of frames. I recently painted them all the same color and hung them above our sofa in the living room. I love these so much and it was an easy project! My husband and I have different tastes in artwork so this was a great idea to please us both.

If you haven’t yet picked up the new book The Things That Matter by Nate Berkus I highly recommend it! The gorgeous interiors are inspiring and the stories he tells are great.

1. I bought this top from Nordstrom recently and it has become one of my favorite tops. It is flowy, comfy, and cute! I adore polka dots so this is a perfect fit.

2. This leopard print tray is a perfect addition to any coffee table. Durable and fashionable.

3. This throw is so cozy and warm. It is a constant staple on our couch.

4. What wardrobe is complete without super cute riding boots? These are already added to my X-mas list!

5. This beautiful Michael Kors handbag is the latest purchase made by my wonderful hubby. I can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail! It is the perfect size for all my stuff that get shoved in my bag.

6. I have always been a fan of geodes. I think they are beautiful and organic. This necklace shown to me by a friend and it is definitely worthy of being on my list of favorite things.

7. This printed resin box would be a great addition to any space. This box is perfect to hold any miscellaneous items that would otherwise not have a home. It is a great affordable accent.


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