DIY Bridal Shower

14 Sep

Last weekend I went to bridal shower for a friend put on by another friend of mine, Jen. The whole concept was put together by Jen. It turned out so great I just had to share the pictures and ideas with you. One of the biggest projects was collecting glass bottles (which I contributed quite a few). I was there to help put together the food items and help with some of the placement of things and I have to say I think everything turned out perfect! Jen did such a great job thinking of every little detail and creating a perfect bridal shower. I will show you the DIY projects and explain how you can put together this look yourself!

These fabulous water dispensers came from World Market. Placed on items you already have around the house adds a lot of character and it’s nice to add some height.

Different shapes, sizes, and colors of bottles add personality to a table. Choose beautiful florals to finish the look.

These fabric flags were made by Jen’s mom. The colors were so perfect and fit the style of this shower fabulously! The little signs that had descriptions of each item were placed on wooden Scrabble tile holders. Such a creative idea!

The mimosa bar was a huge hit!! We chose 3 juice flavors and had a variety of fresh fruits and herbs to mix in. This is such a great idea for any shower.

Mixing in the blue milky glass with the bottles added the perfect accent color to the table. You can’t tell in the picture, but we also mixed up the plates. The different plates really added a special touch and interest to the tables.

Mason jars served as water glasses. Each had a number and tied with jute so everyone remembered which glass was theirs. The little details make all the difference!

The food! 2 different quiches, a frittata, and yummy scones were served.

This cake was so delicious! Jen’s mom made the “bride” flag and tied it onto chop sticks.

I think the best part about this bridal shower is we used existing tablecloths, dishes, furniture, and many DIY crafts. I think using mix and match items really created a great look. Everything flowed and went together and the result was a fabulous effortless backyard bridal shower.


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