Kitchen and Bath Commandments

5 Sep

There are 10 simple design rules that you can use to achieve a perfect kitchen and bath space. Whether it’s the floorplan or the smallest details it all matters. Here are the 10 Kitchen and Bath commandments compiled by California Home + Design Magazine.


To create balance, mix soft and hard, round and straight, curved and linear.


Pick hardware that comes in all sizes – from small knobs to oversize handles.


Avoid shadows by placing lighting to the right and left of the mirror.


Make the most of your space with a smart floor plan. A gallery entrance provides a dramatic welcome as well as privacy.


Think beyond the standard metal finishes – there are so many other options available.


Avoid an L-shaped kitchen layout. It makes it difficult for multiple people to work.


Splurge on light fixtures over the kitchen island. Let them be your kitchen’s wow factor.


Use materials that you can cook on.


Experiment with an atypical cabinetry color.


A space feels larger with dark floor tile and light colors above.


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