Naturally Nautical

9 Jul

Nautical elements always make me think of summer time. I love being near the ocean and sand. Nautical inspired spaces tend to remind me of relaxation and a comfortable feeling. I have found some wonderful nautical inspired spaces to show you.


Nothing quite says nautical like sail boats. This little space sets the tone for the home. The clean white, tans, and blues remind you of the sea.


This is a cute idea for a kids room. The words add a certain playfulness which is perfect. The weathered nightstand is a perfect beachy touch.


No nautical space is complete without an amazing view! The stripes and accessories add to the nautical feel.


This is a creative use for rope. This staircase feels like it belongs on a boat.


This bedroom is simple, understated, and has a beautiful coastal feel. The blues and whites paired with the paneling create a comfy nautical space.

Chair/ mirror/ tieback/ plates/ pillow/ anchor


2 Responses to “Naturally Nautical”

  1. interiorapartment July 10, 2012 at 3:54 am #

    Beautiful images… i wish I had a house near the sea so i could decorate it in this style… that yacht however would look excellent in my living room…. good job!

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