It’s All in the Details

1 Jun

Interior details add a lot of character to a home. They can show your personality and personal style. I love everything down to the smallest details. I think they make such a big difference when designing your home. I have picked out some great examples to share with you.


I am in love with this ceiling! The turquoise painted wood is such a fabulous detail and the chandelier is gorgeous.


Barn doors are an amazing interior detail. These are simple and are the perfect entrance to this bathroom.


Talk about a grand entrance! This is stunning. The beautiful doors, arched ceiling and simple chandelier are the perfect combination. This house is beautiful check out the link for more pictures.


The wood paneled detailing on this office wall is so simple and adds a great architectural detail to the space.


I love this steel frame window. It is an amazing detail in the kitchen


I think this is a creative way to hide cabinet doors. What do you think?


 This closet space is pretty amazing. The details on the walls are fabulous and framing the hanging space is so creative.


This staircase is great. I love the open pattern going up the stairs.

What is your favorite interior detail? Have a great weekend!!


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