Dive into Bed

11 Apr

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I am talking about beds. The focal point of every bedroom should be the bed. You want it to be comfortable to dive into every night. I love the use of layers, headboards, artwork, lighting, etc. to make the bed stand out and make a statement. Here are some great examples.

via Elle Decor

This bed is simple and elegant. I love the layering of the blanket. The artwork above the bed is used like a headboard to add height.

via House Beautiful

This bedroom’s muted tones create a relaxing space. The artwork above the bed is really great and the simple chandelier is the perfect accent over the bed.

via VT Interiors

This bed is so inviting. I absolutely love the oversized headboard with the mirrors behind. This bedroom is so bold and sophisticated.

via Houzz

This bed looks so comfortable. I love the large coral artwork. It makes such an amazing statement. The colors in this bedroom are so relaxing.

via Marcus Design

Couldn’t you just dive right into this bed? I love the bench at the end of the bed. The gorgeous windows brighten up this room. The pops of green in the pillows add a fresh pop of color.

via House Beautiful

This relaxing bedroom designed by Jim and Phoebe Howard is dreamy. The layering on the bed with pillows and blankets make this bed inviting. This bedroom is beautiful.

Have a great day!


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