Pops of Purple

5 Apr

Happy Thursday! Today I am going to be showing you some great designs using purple as a wonderful accent. I’m talking about all shades and hues. These accents add a nice punch of color to the spaces.

via Centsational Girl

Who says you can’t paint your ceiling a great bright color? I love how this ceiling color really adds a great chic feel to this space. It is the perfect pop of color.

via Marmalade Interiors

Love this! The color combinations are flawless. The purple chairs add an extra layer of color that creates a vibrant space.

via The Design Files

I love this shabby chic space. The pops of fuchsia  and purple accents are gorgeous.

via Matchbook Magazine

I love all the different shades of purple used in this space. The patterns are mixed so well together. This is such a relaxing and cozy space.

via Architectural Digest

This lovely sitting area belongs to Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne. I love the rich purple on the sofa and chair. It is so elegant and luxurious feeling.

Hope you enjoyed these spaces! Have a great day!


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