Wood Beams

27 Mar

Happy Tuesday! I have been in love with wood beams forever. I love the character they add to whatever space they are in. I am going to show you some amazing spaces that all have some beautiful wood beams. Enjoy!

via Atlanta Homes Magazine

How gorgeous are these beams?? I love the rustic and elegant feel of this living room. The high ceilings are to die for. The beams add a lot of character and charm to this room.

via Blayne Beacham Interiors

I love the white beams in this room. Painting them white keeps this room airy and bright. How great are those windows too!

via Pinterest

This is such a dramatic kitchen! The beams trick the eye to make this kitchen feel a little more intimate. This is a dream kitchen for sure!

via Pinterest

I am in LOVE with these wood beams! I love the pattern they make on the ceiling and the warmth they add to the space. This is another dream kitchen! Love everything about it.

via Pinterest

These beams add a great rustic feel to this kitchen. The lighter wood color really accents the space nicely.

via Milk and Honey Home

This living room feels so cozy. The wood beams really enhance this living space.

Do you all love wood beams as much as I do? Have a great day!!


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