Mad Men Inspired Spaces

9 Mar

Happy Friday everyone! Does anyone else out there watch and love Mad Men? If you don’t you should! I love love love this show! I am so excited for the new episodes to start in just a couple weeks. Other than loving the story lines and drama, I love the decor and fashion. The show is so popular that it has influenced many interiors and even a clothing line through Banana Republic. This era is all about clean lines, color, and less is more. As seen in the photos color is used in a bold way and the mixture of wood tones are added perfectly to the spaces. The furniture featured on the show has sleek lines and geometric shapes, but balanced with the use of curves.

Here are a few photos from the first 4 seasons of the show to get you in the mood to see some modern interpretations. Love the fabulous ’60s and mid-century modern design!

via AMC

When translating these looks into your home mix authentic period pieces with modern inspired looks to get a cool vintage vibe.

via Houzz

I can picture Don Draper and the other advertising men having a drink or two in here. This dark bar space would be any man’s dream would it not? Love the lounge seating and all that storage!

via Elle Decor

This Saarinen style table is reminiscent of the one in Roger Sterling’s office seen in the pictures above. These pieces are very typical in mid-century design, but this space adds a little modern twist with that chandelier.

via Houzz

The tufted sofa and sleek chairs are very Mad Men inspired, but looks so “now” and modern.

via Apartment Therapy

This is a great example of a mid-century modern space. I love the simple lines mixed with the perfect amount of glam from that chandelier.

Here are some pieces you can add to your home to get a touch of the Man Men flair.



All of these fashions and more are available at Banana Republic.

Hope you enjoyed the Mad Men inspiration. Have a great weekend!!


One Response to “Mad Men Inspired Spaces”

  1. grandma March 9, 2012 at 3:14 pm #

    Oh, I remember those kitchens and office decor back in the 60’s.

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