Celebrity Style: Living Rooms

24 Feb

Happy Friday everyone! Is it me or did this week fly by? Does anyone else ever wonder what the inside of your favorite celebrities’ homes look like? Well today I will show you some of their great living rooms. There are some great photos that you can use as inspiration for your home.

via Architectural Digest

This Hollywood Hills living room belongs to Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. This is a great retro eclectic space. The rosewood paneling, purple drapery, and beautiful rug add a lot of warmth to the room. And how awesome is that purple tufted couch?

via Architectural Digest

This traditional Manhattan living room belongs to actress Brooke Shields. How interesting and fabulous are those portraits of her daughters? The french style armchairs are so elegant and the pops of color add a modern touch.

via Elle Decor

This Malibu retreat belongs to actress Courtney Cox. This is a modern and comfortable room. I could curl up on that couch and just stare at the views couldn’t you? The flagstone fireplace is a great focal point and highlights how high the ceiling is. That lamp extending over the sectional is awesome!

via Architectural Digest

This is a dramatic vintage inspired living room belonging to TV mogul Darren Star. I love the bronze fireplace it is so dramatic and draws your eye upward. The 1920s inspired wood stools are so beautiful. I love all the different styles of seating and it is something you can re-create for your home.

via Elle Decor

This beach house living room belongs to Meg Ryan. The first thing I noticed when looking at this space is that custom light fixture, it is so interesting. This room is so calm and comfortable. Keeping this space all white with the the exception of a few furniture pieces keeps the room feeling casual and beachy.

via Elle Decor

This elegant sitting area belongs to actress Megan Mullally.The contrast of dark and light is such a timeless look.  The only pops of color come from the pillows which is great. This look is easy to achieve in your home.

via Harper’s Bazaar

By looking at this picture I would have never guessed who it belonged to. The owner is fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger. The focal point of this over the top space is the Andy Warhol Elizabeth Taylor painting (one of my faves). This is a small area, but jam packed with luxurious finishes and fabrics. What do you think of this room? Take a look at the link above for more pictures of his luxurious apartment.

via Vogue

This interesting living room belongs to fashion designer Tory Burch. I love how there are two separate seating areas in different styles yet it all comes together nicely. The coral drapery used throughout the space really pulls everything together. The needlepoint chairs and Japanese paintings add a lot of interest to this room. The chandelier is gorgeous! The far side of the living room is elegant and muted while the closer seating area has a lot of interesting prints and colors going on. It is such an interesting combination. This space is warm and has a little bit of a romantic vibe to it. What do you think of this living room?

Hope you enjoyed the celebrity styles! Have a fabulous weekend!


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