Agate and Geode Beauties

23 Feb

Happy Thursday! I have been a huge fan of geodes for as long as I can remember. Geodes are filled with agate which are natural and organic, but also glamorous. Each stone is one of a kind. I love that there are so many home and fashion accessories that are using agate. Their bold colors and sparkle add some extra sophistication to your space or outfit. I have found some amazingly beautiful pieces.

via Rablabs

These are so pretty. They would make a great gift wouldn’t they?

via Rablabs

These agate and glass napkin rings would make such a bold statement on any table!

via Zgallerie

These coasters are so pretty! Another great gift idea perhaps??

via Shades of Light

This Brazilian agate table lamp is a perfect punch of color. Love this.

via Martha Stewart

This hand made curtain tie back is a perfect punch of color against those curtains. To make one for yourself all you need is an agate coaster and a plain tie back hardware. Glue them together and ta-da! Fabulous!

via Interior Design Magazine

These bronze and agate tables are such an eye catching piece. Wow.

via Rablabs

These Kiva platters are such an elegant way to display hors d’oeuvres.

Agate Jewelry:

via Max and Chloe

How beautiful is this cuff bracelet? This bold piece of agate is such a great statement piece.

via Etsy

Love this necklace!

via Max and Chloe

This ring is so awesome. I love the colors.

These next 2 pictures are amazing uses of agate in interiors.

via Shell Shock Designs

Blue agate countertops! How unique and beautiful is this?

via Shell Shock Designs

I am in love with this! I am obsessed with all the colors and shapes.

Hope you all have a great rest of your day!


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