Crazy about Chevron

16 Feb

Chevron is so popular in interiors and fashion and I am absolutely crazy about the bold pattern. I love the bold graphic print and it can be used in the smallest accessories to the larger elements like the flooring and walls. I love all the colors, sizes, and materials you can find it in. I have gathered some images for you. Hope you enjoy these designs as much as I do!

via Pinterest

This Jonathan Adler design is so glamorous! I am in love with everything. I love the grey and white color palette in the rug. The furniture pieces are gorgeous and the fabric color choices compliment eachother perfectly.

via La Dolce Vita

Oh my! Isn’t this floor fabulous?? It makes such a bold statement. This bathroom is so luxurious and sophisticated. The use of black and white in such graphic ways on the floor and vanity takes this classic color combination to the next level.

via Houzz

I love these roman shades so much I want them for myself. The chevron makes such a great statement without drawing away from the simple design of this bedroom. The bold blue walls are so fun! Usually this color could seem a little loud, but I think the use of all the colors in this room balances out the blue nicely.

via Pinterest

Pink + Chevron= two of my favorite things. I love the color combination of pink and blue. After the photo above and this one I am really starting to love the bold blue walls! I could get a lot of work done in a space like this. I also adore the gallery wall behind the desk it is such a great way to display your favorite images. This design would be really simple to recreate in your home.

via Pinterest

How cute is this table? This is a great way to add a bold accent into your house or even use this table on a porch or in the back yard. With a little painters tape, paint, and a straight edge you could have yourself a great weekend project.

via Pinterest

This bedroom has so much going on and it’s beautiful. The plush pink bed matched with the navy blue walls (seeing a blue wall trend?) and accented with the bold chevron pattern mixes styles perfectly. The artwork placement also draws the eye up the wall creating extra height to this room. Everything works together to create a harmonious space.

via Apartment Therapy

How awesome is this accent wall? The neutral tones and bold outlines put a new spin on the chevron pattern. The wall is a great focal point, but doesn’t distract from the rest of the space. I would personally use different draperies, but the furniture and wall are great.

via Pinterest

This is such a perfect living room. The modern patterns, colors, and furniture all enhance this space. The rug of course is such a great graphic accent to the solid furniture. The use of yellow in the draperies was a great choice. The brown leather chair adds the perfect contrast and adds the slight touch of masculinity.

Hope you all are inspired to add a little chevron into your home. Have a good day!


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