Seeing Red

14 Feb

Today I found some inspiring red spaces in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Red can be used in so many ways and make you feel so many emotions. Red is the color of love and it can stimulate action and increase enthusiasm. It can be tough to pull off red without having a space feel too loud or bright. I have found some amazing rooms that use red in different and inspiring ways.

via Apartment Therapy

I love this bedroom. The red is definitely not overpowering in the least. The mixture of patterns make this space modern and interesting. Another thing I really like about this room is without having to paint the walls red is still the dominant color. This is a perfect example of how you can add a lot of impact to a space while keeping white walls.

via Better Homes and Gardens

This is a great use of a red accent wall. The mixture of primary colors in this space is a great classic combination. If I had a red wall I would most definitely accent it with white woodwork like this. Everything pops against the red it’s great.

via Elle Decor

This space designed by Miles Redd (fitting name no?) used red upholstered walls instead of paint. It creates a great richness and luxury to the living room. The red sofa and chair are so elegant! This is a gorgeous red space.

via Once upon a Tea Time

This room is all about layers. The red is just the right shade to help balance the room instead of overpowering it. This living room uses such a unique use of pattern and color. It is so interesting and has so much to look at. This space also uses primary colors to create a traditional feel with a modern twist.

via Retrospace

This is such a fun office! If you like color then this is for you! The red carpet sets the tone for the space. The white walls and light wood keep this bright space from being totally overwhelmed by red. Even if you add a large area rug in red instead of wall to wall carpet you can have a big impact.

Here are some of my picks for red paint colors all from Sherwin Williams:

Lusty Red


Positive Red

Real Red


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