Have a seat

9 Feb

Today I am going to talk about seating in the dining room. Not just any old seating, but exciting colorful seating. Mixing up the seating in your dining room is one of the easiest ways to update the space and set it apart from all the rest. Whether it’s adorned, colorful, or flashy it’s all about the details! Take a look!

via Better Homes and Gardens

 These vibrant orange chairs set the tone for this dining room. The orange really wakes the space up. Oh and the chairs looks super comfy!

Here is a more subdued example of orange. I love love love this! I love how the patterned orange fabric is mixed with the white. It adds just the right amount of intensity in this otherwise light room. Oh and I am in LOVE with this rug!

via Elle Decor

These chairs are so elegant! The nailheads, gorgeous color, and wood detailing are perfect! These chairs add extra visual interest to this dining room.

via House Beautiful

What a flawless shade of green! The bright color ties the space together and isn’t the least bit overwhelming. The accent of the white wood work is the perfect balance.

via Jonathan Adler

This dining room designed by the wonderful Jonathan Adler is so fresh and modern. The wood work on the chairs is so interesting and the printed fabric is great. These chairs compliment this room so perfectly.

via Pinterest

And last but certainly not least, this sophisticated dining space. Black and white is such a classic combination. The nailheads along the seat add the perfect finishing touch.


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