A little paint goes a long way!

7 Feb

Welcome to my blog! If there is a specific design topic you want to see featured on my blog please don’t hesitate to let me know!

For my first post I wanted to show off some of my favorite painted kitchen cabinet designs. It seems like no matter how big or small the kitchen is it becomes the gathering spot for everyone in the house so why not make a bold statement?  I love seeing a pop of color or a nice neutral that adds so much to the overall look and feel of the space. We have all seen white painted cabinets, but what about  grey, turquoise, green or even yellow?? Well here you go! These are all fabulous kitchens! I would love the chance to cook or entertain in any one of these.

via Decor de Provence

Having this neutral grey on the island keeps with the nice clean feel of the kitchen. And the size of this island?? Perfect!

via At Home Arkansas

I love these turquoise cabinets! The color adds so much character to the space. This kitchen seems so homey and inviting.

via Better Homes and Gardens

I have to say this is my favorite so far! The green mixed with the white upper cabinets and stainless finishes really livens up this space. It is the perfect shade of green! I’m ready to move in and start cooking in here!

via House and Home

I am not one to gravitate towards the color yellow, but I love this! I love how the yellow is mixed with the black and natural wood surfaces. Also love that this yellow isn’t super bright. It’s perfect.

via zsazsabellagio

This blue island is lovely. A great way to add color to a space without it being overwhelming. It complements all the other colors and finishes in the space.


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