101 in 1001

Start Date: January 8, 2013

End Date: October 5, 2016

1. Make a list of 101 things (January 2014)
2. Get a puppy (Oct. 2015)
3. Go on at least 2 date nights a month with my husband
4. Buy a house 12/14
5. Invest in new furniture pieces (new Dresser 6/14, )
6. Go to the gym at least twice a week for 3 months
7. Invest in 5 quality wardrobe pieces (Feb. 2014 Elizabeth & James Blazer, )
8. See a musical or play
9. Watch all the movies nominated for an Oscar before the award show airs. (5/9)
10. Complete 10 DIY projects
11. Go to a concert (Colbie Caillat 7/14)
12. Do not shop for clothing or accessories for a month
13. Subscribe to a new design magazine (5/14 HGTV Magazine)
14. Learn AutoCAD again
15. Unsubscribe from emails I don’t read
16. Inspire someone else to write a 101 in 1001 list
17. Find the perfect headboard (July 2015)
18. Send someone flowers just because.
19. Invest in 10 coffee table books (Kate Spade: Things We Love, )
20. Read 20 new (to me) books
21. Clean out my closet and donate unwanted items (February 2014)
22. Give away 10 items I no longer need (not including clothing) and do not replace them.
23. Organize files and pictures on computer and phone (computer done 3/14)
24. Find the perfect Little Black Dress
25. See 10 classic films (Meet John Doe, )
26. Surprise my husband with a just because gift
27. Organize emails
28. Finish the gallery wall I’ve been planning for months (2015)
29. Send 40 handwritten notes (5/40)
30. Find a pair of heels that don’t hurt my feet
31. Organize and go through bathroom cabinets
32. Organize and go through kitchen cabinets
33. Make my husband breakfast in bed (6/14)
34. Do something out of my comfort zone (ziplined 8/2015)
35. Update my address book
36. Go one week without hitting the snooze button
37. Have a technology free weekend (9/2015 Yosemite)
38. Find my ideal hair care routine
39. Find my ideal skin care routine
40. Go to bed before 11pm for at least 2 weeks
41. Have a spa day
42. Attend a fashion show
43. Find my signature scent (Feb. 2014 Tory Burch)
44. Throw a party for my husband’s birthday
45. Buy something at a Flea Market
46. Learn how to sew… better
47. Host a craft or DIY party
48. Spend a day with just my husband and nephews
49. Invest in a classic handbag (12/2015)
50. Upgrade my iPhone
51. Buy my first piece of original art
52. Participate in a charity walk
53. Go on a hike with my husband (3/14)
54. Get a new car
55. Finish paying off my husband’s student loans
56. Revitalize a piece of furniture
57. Visit a museum
58. Take an international vacation (Dominican Republic 8/2015)

59. Go to 3 new U.S. cities (Breckenridge 1/2016, Waco 10/16)
60. Take a road trip (Napa 1/11/14)
61. Go for a girls weekend (10/2016)
62. Visit Disneyland (4/14)
63. Visit a U.S. state I’ve never been to (Colorado 1/2016)
64. Visit my parents more than twice a year. (Done)
65. Visit NYC and see a Broadway play
66. Send a postcard to someone when I travel
67. Visit a national park (Yosemite 9/2015)
68. Do something special for my parents
69. Buy a DSLR camera and learn how to use it properly
70. Update the blog to better reflect my design style
71. Focus more on my design business
72. Design new business cards
73. Start a new design or fashion series on the blog
74. Create a Facebook page for the blog
75. Take new head shots for the blog (4/14)
76. Do a guest post on a blog I love
77. Document more personal projects on the blog
78. Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day for a month
79. Try 5 new foods (fig, Afghani food, persimmon, )
80. Go on a picnic
81. Plant a garden with vegetables or herbs (4/2015)
82. Host a dinner party
83. Cook healthy dinners 3 times a week for at least a month
84. Only eat out twice a month for 3 months
85. Go without sweets for a week
86. Stop drinking Diet Coke for at least a month
87. Make 10 new recipes off Pinterest (10/10)
88. Eat vegetarian for a week
89. Learn to eat with chopsticks
90. Try 10 new restaurants (Bouchon, Mo’s, Salang Pass Restaurant, Zona Rosa, The Table, MOD Pizza, )
91. Go to a food festival
92. Treat a friend to coffee
93. Visit 5 new coffee shops (Dolcetto Cafe, Chromatic Coffee, )
94. Eat at a Michelin Star restaurant
95. Go out for Sunday brunch (7/5/14)
96. Eat from 5 different food trucks (2/5)
97. Cook Thanksgiving dinner (11/2015)
98. Cut my hair more than 3 inches (3/14)
99. Host a holiday party
100. For every goal I accomplish put $10 in savings
101. Treat myself to something fabulous if I finish this list by my 30th bday (June 2016)

If this has inspired you to make your own list please let me know and I will share your link!



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